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Urban Thier & Federer can assist you in all aspects of visa, immigration and naturalization matters for those seeking to enter the United States or Germany and other European Union countries.

Urban Thier & Federer serves a diverse group of clients, including individuals and businesses based in the United States and European Union countries, with a full range of immigration and naturalization legal services that are crafted to meet each client’s individual goals and objectives. By combining other practice areas such as trust, estate, transactional and business entity formation, we are able to assist clients to operate in a world in which personal and business opportunities extend beyond national borders. Immigration law has become an increasingly dynamic field as a result of the increasing emphasis on economic, political and security matters.

For clients seeking to immigrate into the United States, the objective is to obtain resident status. Urban Thier & Federer can assist clients to obtain employment and family based green cards. A green card allows an individual to enter the United States for an indefinite period of time. This is in contrast to a visa, which is much more restrictive.

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