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Patents for U.S. Clients

In 2009, the United States generated about $14.3 trillion of goods and services. At the foundation of many of these goods and services are patents. A U.S. patent is an intangible property right that gives the patent holder the right, for a limited time, to exclude others from making, using, offering to sell, selling, or importing into the United States the subject matter that is within the scope of protection granted by the patent.

In cooperation with Urban Thier & Federer, P.A., we can prepare, file, and prosecute your patent application before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The USPTO examines patent applications, and if your invention meets certain statutory requirements, the USPTO will grant you a U.S. Patent.

Our attorneys have experience in the following technology areas: mechanical, electrical, electro-mechanical, sensors, aerospace, propulsion, materials, manufacturing, optical, computer hardware and infrastructure, computer software, information systems, business methods, biology, medical devices, medical methods, and surgical procedures.

Our law firm assists clients in the following areas of U.S. patent law:

  • Patentability searches and opinions
  • Patent preparation and filing
  • Patent prosecution
  • Patent application appeals and interferences
  • Patent validity analyses
  • Patent valuation
  • Patent portfolio management
  • Due diligence reports
  • Freedom to operate/Clearance opinions
  • Security interests in patents
  • Patent licensing and assignments
  • Patent infringement litigation and defense

In addition to domestic patents, Urban Thier Federer & Jackson, P.A. assists inventors obtain patent protection in other countries under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT). In 2009, the European Union generated about $14.5 trillion of goods and services. Our Firm is uniquely situated to bridge the United States and European Union and provide seamless international patent services and products. Whether you are looking to file an international patent application in the United States Receiving Office, a regional patent application in the European Patent Office, or a national patent application in another country, our attorneys have the right skills and experience for the job.

Our law firm assists clients in the following areas of international patent law:

  • International stage patent application preparation and filing
  • International search report opinions
  • International preliminary examination report analyses and responses
  • International patent portfolio management
  • European Union patent applications
  • European national patent applications
  • Patent licensing and assignments
  • Patent infringement litigation and defense

More detailed descriptions of our attorneys and practice areas can be found on this website and are available upon request. You can contact the law firm of Urban Thier Federer & Jackson, P.A. to request further information at anytime by using our contact us form.