Family Law

German and International Family Law

Urban Thier & Federer represents clients in complex international family law matters.

International prenuptial agreemeents: Such cases often involve international prenuptial or postnuptial agreements involving German residents/citizens or German law. In such cases, we research the consequences and enforceability of such agreements in all jurisdictions which could become relevant to such agreement and advise our clients with regards to the optimized structure of such agreements.

International divorces involving German residents/citizens: Many of our clients are involved in marriages between a German cititzen/resident and a foreign citizen/resident. In such cases, there are often several residences. This may lead to a conflcit between German and foreign law. It also may involve the jurisdiction of German and foreign courts, over person, assets or children. Our practice focusses on such complex international family law issues. In close cooperation with international colleagues, including but not limited to the US and Great Britain, we assist our clients in choosing a divorce strategy, which optimzes their chances for success.

Our Family Law practice encompasses all aspects of divorce proceedings, including jurisdictional and venue conflicts and priorities; alimony; division of marital assets and liabilities; pensions; child support and custody; enforcement and modifications of judgments; and prenuptial agreements.

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