Urban Thier & Federer (UTF) is an international law firm with more than 10 offices including  New York, Orlando, Munich and London. Combined throughout the various locations, more than 25 colleagues stand ready to assist you in the areas of international business law, international inheritance law and international family law.

We offer our international clients local contact to US or UK lawyers, with competent representation in Germany. You can call our international offices regarding any legal issues within our competence, and the attorneys there coordinate for you with their German counterparts how we can best assist you.

UTF focuses on the consultation of small and midsize businesses with regards to international commercial, business and taxation issues in German American and German UK matters. If you require assistance with the negotiation or wording of international distribution agreements, business formations or joint venture agreements with German partners or third parties, we are here to help. We also assist international clients in commercial litigation matters all over Germany.

The firms also represents clients in international inheritance or probate matters. If you live abroad and inherited property or bank accounts in Germany, we can guide you through the complex process and help you understand what the court requires of you. This includes the issue of taxation and ensuring that you do not get taxed again by your home country, where possible.

Finally, we assist clients in international family law matters. If you are looking for help with the drafting of an international prenuptial agreement, covering couples with various residences or who do not yet know where they will live in the future, we can help. We also represent clients in German American and German UK divorces as well as alimony and custody disputes.

Business Model

The Firm’s Mission

As an International law firm it is our mission to assist each client in navigating the legal systems to meet their individual goals by providing transactional and litigation services tailored to each client’s specific needs.

In line with our mission statement, we meet our clients’ needs by maintaining close relationships with attorneys and professionals with expertise in areas of the law and business which are outside of the firm’s attorneys’ practice areas or jurisdiction. We assist our clients in resolving legal issues and manage litigation throughout the United States and the European Union through the use of local counsel. We routinely identify, screen, retain and supervise local counsel throughout the United States and the European Union.

The firm’s practice is concentrated on assisting individuals and entities with interests in the United States, Germany and/or the European Union. This includes rendering legal advice, assisting in national and international transactional matters and, when necessary, initiating and defending lawsuits. By maintaining offices in both the United States and Europe, the firm is perfectly positioned to handle domestic and international litigation and transactional matters via the firm’s own attorneys or local counsel.


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We invested in a Florida property which I believe had been miss sold to us. We found out the development had run into difficulties and this obviously caused us serious stress and worry with nowhere to turn to. We were told about John Urban and a group of us employed his firm to salvage something from the situation. We found them very professional, answered questions promptly, and did not make false claims about what we could expect. Overall not a pleasant experience investing in our dream holiday home but it could have been a lot worse without the assistance of this law firm.


The whole team was excellent. John Urban explained things so clearly to a non-legal person. Nothing was too much trouble and he was always available or would phone back if he was busy. Everyone I had dealings with were great: so helpful, polite and nothing was too much trouble. I would like to thank you all again and wish you the very best.
We found that John Urban and the firm handled our case in a very professional and timely manner, achieving the outcome that had been promised. John obviously has a very solid knowledge of the minutia of the law and once we handed all the documents over, we left everything up to a dedicated team.
I was hugely impressed by John Urban. Always has time to talk to you. Very capable man who understands the need to simplify explanation to non-legal type clients. A top guy!
Although being involved in a lawsuit is rarely a pleasant experience, I did feel a tremendous amount of caring sentiment as John Urban guided me through the process.
Urban Thier & Federer, P.A. are undoubtedly the most professional firm of lawyers I have come across in my career.